For me, Dr. Motamed has been a godsend and I thank God daily for him. I appreciate his sensitivity and attentiveness that come from his own experience of pain, and I admire his professionalism, his skill, and his genuine compassion and commitment to healing.
Dorothy W.

Pain! This was my morning, noon and night companion. The only relief for me was to take medication, prescription and over-the-counter pain relief products, and they only dulled the agony that I was in. There were days that my neck would not turn to the right. The crushing pain ran from the crown of my head to the lower back and also down both arms. I am happy to verify that by seeking professional care with Dr. Motamed that I have improved tremendously and feel normal again! May God bless you, Dr. Motamed, and your staff for your warm and daring thoughtfulness.
Diane D.

….The best thing is that I feel better all over. I often had neck and shoulder pain. I also had problems with my right hip, leg, arm and wrist. Often in the mornings, I was very stiff and really hurt. My lower back gave me problems when traveling long distances. I have really noticed a big improvement in these areas. I have learned so much. I have changed in my feelings and understanding of chiropractic treatment. I am now a very convinced believer. I feel this way because I have actually seen the improvements within my own body.
Claudette S.

I used to think that people that went to chiropractors were crazy, but you have made a believer out of me. I feel so much better, not only in my back but also all over. I still have pain at times, but I am not living on medication. I realize all the things that are wrong with me did not happen overnight, and they cannot be fixed overnight. I will continue to encourage people to go to a chiropractor for help because it really works, and I will continue to come. Thank you for all you have done.
Vivian R.

…I knew from my first visit I was in good hands. I’ve been going to Dr. Motamed for about 5 months now, and I can walk without chronic pain, and I don’t have to hold my back when I get off the couch before taking a step. I look forward to each new day knowing that my back is getting stronger and stronger. With Dr. Motamed’s medical knowledge and my faith in him, yes, miracles do happen!
Joyce B.