Rebuilder is a nerve stimulator that sends electronic impulses, similar to the body’s nerve signals, to specific regions of the body to alleviate pain, tingling, numbness, and burning for a variety of conditions. This treatment helps support the body’s natural healing process by sending tiny electrical signals to the nerves across the surface of the skin. As it begins to “talk to your nerves,” without hindering the nerve’s ability to propagate an impulse, it helps the body’s ability to pump venous blood, which, in turn, enhances circulation. In this process, it increases the blood flow, flushes away toxins and helps improve nutrient delivery. This process also directs messages to the muscles in the legs, causing them to contract and relax. The muscles that are debilitated are re-strengthened, having positive effects on balance and gait.

These steady contractions also move venous blood toward the heart and help the lymphatic system, which aids in delivering nutrient-rich blood to the nerve endings. When this treatment is performed it should be a fairly strong sensation and then turned slightly down until it is a very gentle sensation that is comfortable enough that the person could fall asleep. During the process, it is normal for nerves to become acclimated to the sensation, thus, feeling less but still receiving the benefits of the treatment. A person may also feel stimulation to be stronger in one foot than the other. This is very normal, and for those with neuropathy there can be differences in nerve function from one foot to the other. Results for this treatment may be seen immediately or after a few treatments.