Your First Chiropractic Visit, What To Expect

At Mt. Olive Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Motamed and his staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality of chiropractic care to open the door to your better health. In order to do this and give you the very best results possible, it is important that we understand your problem completely. Therefore, we require each new patient to undergo a thorough consultation and examination.

Since the vertebral subluxation complex can effect many aspects of your health, Dr. Motamed will need to ask many questions concerning your health in general as well as specific problems you are suffering from at this present time. He will also need to know about your medical history.

Dr. Motamed will need to conduct a thorough examination of your spine as well as test the strength of you arms and legs (neurological and orthopedic). Oftentimes, x-rays will be taken to get a better picture of what is happening under the surface.

After the examination is completed, Dr. Motamed will have a better understanding of your problem and will be able to start you on the road to better health.

Your first visit will take approximate 1-1.5 hours to complete. It is important that you bring any recent x-rays, MRI, CT Scan or other radiography or test results you may have as they will help eliminate unnecessary produres and will give us a thorough history of your condition. Dr. Motamed will use your exam findings and your x-ray findings to determine the best treatment for your condition.

Your Second Chiropractic Visit

On your second visit, Dr. Motamed will spend time with you and explain the results of the previous examination. He will also explain to you what is required for you to receive the maximum benefits from your chiropractic care. We call this the “Report of Findings”. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have regarding your condition and the recommended care.

Immediately following your Report of Findings, you may begin your chiropractic care.

It is our belief that a patient who thoroughly understands their problems and what chiropractic can do for them will have a more rewarding chiropractic experience.

We encourage you to take the first step on the road to better spinal health. Call for your appointment today!

Your Third Chiropractic Adjustment

The chiropractic spinal adjustment, that removes pressure on your nerves and rebalance your body structure, can be a very powerful procedure. The moment that a chiropractor corrects your vertebral subluxation complex, hundreds of bodily functions and activities are affected. The flow of nerve impulses over the spinal cord and spinal nerves is normalized and your body begins to function the way it should.

After an adjustment you may experience a feeling of deepening peace and relaxation. This relaxed feeling may last for the rest of the day or the week and often leads to a deep refreshing sleep. Others have at times felt a warm feeling flowing to various parts of their bodies that’s very soothing. Some feel very energetic and do all their chores or business that day with a light, happy feeling.

Others may find that their symptoms have begun to disappear, that the problems that they came to the chiropractor for have begun to lessen after the first visit. And, there are some people who feel no difference after an adjustment. That does not necessarily mean that they are not benefiting from their adjustments, it just means that they’re not feeling any external reaction.

Other people, usually a small minority, may feel discomfort, muscle soreness or even some pain, and they may experience a mild headache or some other light discomfort. Fortunately, even those who experience such reactions to their adjustment later enjoy the feeling of well-being that usually accompanies an adjustment after a short period of time.